High Performance Oil for Race Car Engines

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June 12, 2017
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High Performance Oil for Race Car Engines

Race Cars Need High Performance Oil High performance engines, such as those in race cars, are precision machines that require premium lubrication to operate and maintain their maximum performance. As racing professionals know, lubricating oils can undergo a number of changes during operation. From shock loading to temperature extremes and various pressures at differing RPMs, only those oils tailored specifically for high performance racing engines should be considered for these applications. Regular motor oils and lubricants cannot provide the necessary stability to perform in such demanding requirements. However, it is important to understand what qualities to consider when selecting a high performance engine oil or lubricant such as AMSOIL’s Dominator line of tailored higher performance racing-oriented products.

Variable Pressure Performance

A key aspect of the performance of a lubricant is the ability to maintain stability at various pressure levels encountered in high performance race cars. These types of engines run very tight bearing tolerances with mechanics and technicians often adjusting oil pressure to reduce any parasitic effects from the oil system in general. Thus an engine oil has to provide the lubricating and friction reduction effects without the pressures producing an undesirable effect. This is why synthetic oils are the preferred type as these are chemically formulated to provide the necessary lubrication even as the demand for performance increases and decreases with the change in RPMs.

Shock Loading Handling

As viscosity changes from both pressure and temperature differentials, the hydrodynamic (full fluid lubrication) shape of the oil barrier becomes a factor that can adversely affect high performance engines. As the hydrodynamic shape reaches its stress point, boundary lubrication begins to rapidly decline to create intermittent contact. In high performance engines, with significantly tight tolerances, this contact can quickly lead to damage and at the very least produce a drop in output until the shock has stabilized to restore the hydrodynamic profile. Therefore, only oils that are capable of high shock loading coupled with viscosity stabilization should be considered for high performance race car engines.

From race cars to watercraft, high performance engines are becoming more abundant across all walks of life and thus it is important to understand the necessity of using the right lubrication products for your engine. Using the right products such as AMSOIL’s Dominator line, that are tailored specifically for high performance engines, you can not only protect your engines and reduce the wear and tear encountered at such extreme levels but also ensure your engine is operating at its peak performance.