HP Marine: High Performance, Low Aquatic Toxicity

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May 27, 2013
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HP Marine: High Performance, Low Aquatic Toxicity

 Get Hours of Trouble-Free Enjoyment out of your Two-Stroke Outboard and Personal Watercraft (PWC) this Season

Warranty-Secure-cropped-180Maintaining today’s two-stroke marine motors can intimidate even experienced enthusiasts. Like passenger cars/light trucks, many two-stroke outboard motors come equipped with computerized controls and sophisticated fuel-injection systems designed to deliver the extra power enthusiasts want while providing the reduced exhaust emissions the government mandates. The leaner gas-to-oil ratios these engines use mean less oil is available to lubricate and protect a hotter, more powerful engine, inviting deposits and wear that threaten engine performance and life. Using AMSOIL HP Marine Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is one of the easiest steps anglers, boaters and personal watercraft owners can take to ensure their equipment provides hours of trouble-free enjoyment. As an injection oil or 50:1 pre-mix, HP Marine is specifically formulated to control harmful deposits and wear in today’s advanced two-stroke marine applications and is recommended for all two-stroke outboards.

Prevents Ring Sticking & Piston Scuffing

HPM1To prove it, AMSOIL put HP Marine to the test in one of the most demanding two-stroke marine engines on the market – the 250-hp Evinrude® E-TEC®. The E-TEC is unique in that it offers a lean-mix setting that allows the engine to use less oil. Over 500 hours of real-world operation powering a marine rescue vessel, almost all at the engine’s lean-mix setting, HP Marine completely prevented piston ring sticking and piston scuffing. The lubricant also limited deposits throughout the engine and provided excellent wear protection for the cylinders and bearings. HP Marine is as advanced as the engines it protects, helping enthusiasts get the most out of their equipment. Complete test results are available in the Marine E-TEC® Field Study. (Click here)

LowToxicity-150pxHP Marine also boasts proven low aquatic toxicity. AMSOIL set the standard as the first lubricant manufacturer to incorporate testing developed by the Organisation   for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); it reveals a 100 percent survival rate of Daphnia Magna neonates (water fleas) and fathead minnows exposed to increasing concentrations of HP Marine mixed in water. HP Marine is the perfect lubricant for marinas and those who value performance and environmental sustainability.

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