Chrysler Adjusts Motor Oil Consumption Guidelines

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Chrysler Adjusts Motor Oil Consumption Guidelines

Chrysler Motor Oil Consumption Guidelines

Chrysler has adjusted its acceptable motor oil consumption guidelines for 2012-2013 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep gasoline vehicles (Chrysler Bulletin #09-001-12 Engine Oil Consumption Guideline):

  • First 50,000 miles of engine life: one quart per 2,000 miles
  • Engines with over 50,000 miles: one quart per 750 miles
  • Aggressive driving conditions: one quart per 500 miles

AMSOIL recommends all customers check their motor oil levels on a regular basis until an oil consumption pattern is discovered, and top-off as necessary.

We have customers, who owned GM vehicles, who were told by their GM auto dealership that GM would not entertain oil consumption issues unless consumption was greater than a quart in 800 miles. Oil consumption issues are not limited to one particular vehicle brand.

See our Blog article February 22, 2013, wherein we posted AMSOIL Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) MO-2004-04-03 outlining reasons for motor oil consumption. Forty reasons are listed, two of which are oil-related, and the balance of issues are mechanical in nature. (The two oil-related reasons are “dirty oil” and overfilling the crankcase).

Over many years, we have seen customers, who have changed their conventional oil frequently, upgrade to AMSOIL and see an “increase” in oil consumption. After investigation, we found that the customer never knew their vehicle used oil, since they changed it before they needed to add any. Taking advantage of AMSOIL’s extended drain intervals gave them an opportunity to see their vehicle actually used some oil as a regular regimen They previously never kept the oil in the crankcase long enough to discover that fact. “It wasn’t the oil.”

All things being equal, AMSOIL users should consume less oil because of AMSOIL’s superb volatility characteristics, and the tighter seal AMSOIL provides between moving parts within the engine. In addition, upgrading to AMSOIL sooner rather than later will minimize wear on a motor or piece of equipment, thus extending “new car” performance. However, mechanical issues can still create some consumption.

We have seen many high mileage vehicles that have used AMSOIL since new have minimal oil consumption well over 100,000 miles. These vehicles did not consume much oil when new, and that benefit continued over many, many years and miles because of features and benefits AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants provide.