Tom Shalin

February 5, 2021

AMSOIL European Formula Synthetic Motor Oils Expand to Six High Performance Formulations

European performance and styling define a culture of exceptional engineering. AMSOIL matches that devotion to precision with lubricants specially designed for the unique demands of gasoline, diesel and hybrid European vehicles. AMSOIL’s  exclusive European formula features a precise blend of advanced synthetic base oils and premium additives that delivers exceptional engine protection without harming emissions systems. • Engineered to meet European manufacturers’ specifications • Excellent protection for gasoline, diesel and hybrid engines • Fights sludge for superior engine cleanliness There are two new SAE 0W-20 viscosity formulations, one meeting the VW 508.00/509.00 specification, and one carries the BMW LL-17FE+ and […]
March 15, 2020

Harley-Davidson* and AMSOIL V-Twin Motorcycle Oils

Harley-Davidson* makes great bikes. What about their motorcycle oil? Many bikers want to know how AMSOIL products compare to the competition, particularly against Harley-Davidson oil. Q. What is the most important property of a lubricant? A. Viscosity! Why? Because the viscosity of a motor oil has to keep moving parts separated from one another to eliminate friction, heat, and wear. The ability of a motor oil to retain it’s viscosity is vital to providing excellent engine protection. While viscosity is defined as “resistance to flow,” one can think of it as the oil’s thickness. A motor oil has to provide […]
October 15, 2019

Just Released! AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant Blows Away the Competition

AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant Works The intense heat of combustion and limitations of the oil-control piston ring result in a lack of oil at the top of each cylinder. AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant’s unique additives provide that missing lubrication to fight piston-ring and cylinder wear, maximizing engine compression and horsepower. Its lubricity improvers also aid in protecting fuel injectors and other fuel-system components from wear, helping ensure excellent performance and long-life. AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant delivers 18 percent more lubricity than Lucas* and 20 percent more than Sea Foam* for better retention of horsepower and fuel economy (see chart below).1 […]
October 2, 2018

AMSOIL OE 0W-16 Synthetic Motor Oil is rolled out!

AMSOIL OE SAE 0W-16 (OES) Is Now Available Meeting the requirements of popular new vehicles like the 2018 Toyota* Camry* and 2018 Honda* Fit*, new OE 0W-16 provides premium protection for this growing market. Like the rest of the OE line, OE 0W-16 develops a strong fluid film that keeps metal components separated and protected. Our work didn’t end with simply blending a new viscosity. OE 0W-16 is formulated with unique anti-wear additives that protect critical engine parts like pistons and cams. This added protection is particularly important in the extreme environments produced by today’s smaller-displacement engines that run on […]
August 11, 2018

AMSOIL Adds Three Powerful New Aerosols

AMSOIL Mudslinger, Engine Degreaser and Glass Cleaner deliver performance you can see immediately. Mudslinger AMSOIL Mudslinger (AMS) provides a protective, non-stick layer of armor against the accumulation of mud, dirt and snow on ATVs, UTVs and dirt bikes. It makes removing mud and dirt with low-pressure water easy while protecting against UV rays and keeping equipment looking pristine. Provides a protective layer of armor against mud, dirt and snow Eases clean-up after riding Restores, cleans and shines plastic, fiberglass and painted surfaces Provides a protective layer to counteract the damaging effects of UV rays Pleasant cherry scent   Engine Degreaser Clean engines not only […]
August 1, 2018

Another AMSOIL Industry First! AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR® Synthetic Gear Lube in Brand New Easy-Packs!

AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR® Synthetic Gear Lube In Two Popular Viscosities in Brand New Easy-Packs! Less Mess – Less Waste – Easy to Use Now you can get to those hard-to-reach differentials and gearboxes and upgrade your gear lube. With AMSOIL’s Industry-First Easy-Packs, you don’t need a pump or hose or any other hardware. Simply insert the nozzle into the component, squeeze the Easy-Pack, and you have just installed AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR® Synthetic Gear Lube. And the price of the new one quart Easy-Packs is the same as the quart bottle! The new Easy-Packs have been created for enthusiasts and shop technicians who want a quick and easy way to […]
May 22, 2018

The Confidence to Compete, The Protection to Win: AMSOIL DOMINATOR Synthetic 20W-50 Competition Diesel Oil

Compete in Sled Pulls, Drag Races and Dyno Challenges with Confidence and Security AMSOIL DOMINATOR™ 20W-50 Competition Diesel Oil is designed for professionals and enthusiasts who want a step up in diesel protection.  It is specifically designed for high-horsepower diesel engines and delivers the benefits most important to diesel competitors, including robust durability, outstanding bearing protection and the ability to withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures common to diesel competition. Click here to check out the Product Detail Page. AMSOIL has been the Official Oil of the Diesel Power Challenge and Ultimate Callout Challenge since their inception, and has been heavily involved in the turbodiesel pickup world, […]
May 12, 2018

New AMSOIL Synthetic 15W-50 Metric Motorcycle Oil Takes Next Level Protection to Adventure-Bike Riders

A High-Performance—and Better—Replacement for More Expensive OEM oils Adventure bikes are prized for their versatility to cover just about any kind of terrain, opening riders up to new experiences. AMSOIL Synthetic SAE 15W-50 Metric Motorcycle Oil provides those benefits that help maximize the lives and performance of adventure-bike investments. AMSOIL 10W-30 and 10W-40 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oils have been available for the unique needs of high-revving, hot-running metric motorcycle engines, particularly sport bikes like the Kawasaki* Ninja*, Yamaha* YZF and Honda* CBR; and touring bikes like the Honda Goldwing.* Now, AMSOIL 15W-50 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oil, product code MFF, is […]
April 20, 2018

3 Key Advantages of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oils have revolutionized the world of lubrication in recent years, with synthetic lubricants from AMSOIL leading the way. Synthetic oils offer numerous benefits for passenger vehicles, racing cars, fleet trucks, boats, and heavy construction equipment. Yet many people still haven’t caught up with the exciting benefits of synthetic oils. The sooner you make the switch, the more quickly you’ll realize how much better a synthetic oil can protect your engine. If you would like to learn more about some of the most important benefits presented by synthetic oils, read on. This article will outline three key advantages posed by […]
December 4, 2017

Can I Use the Same Oil Filter Twice?

Useful Information About Oil Filters In theory, your oil filter has a simple job: capture wear-causing contaminants and hold them in the filter media so they don’t run amok throughout your engine. But lots of factors can throw a wrench into this plan, which can raise questions about oil filters and filtration. Here are some of the most common. Can I use the same oil filter twice? The oil filter is designed to capture contaminants and hold them within the filter media. Over time, the media fills with dirt particles, agglomerated soot, metal particles and other junk. If the filter […]