Oil Filter Wrench (74 mm)
Filter Wrench (74 mm)
September 11, 2015
AMSOIL Ford 7.3L Dual-Remote Bypass Filtration System
AMSOIL Dual Remote Bypass System for Ford 7.3L Diesel Applications
September 11, 2015
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Filter Wrench (64 mm)

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Designed to install and remove AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters and Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters in hard-to-reach locations, this easy-to-use 64 mm filter wrench with 3/8” square drive is recommended for use with the following filters: EA15K09, EA15K10, EA15K12, EA15K13, EAO14, EAOM103, EAOM103C, EAOM109. Once filter is hand-tightened, only wrench-tighten 3/4 of a full turn.

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