Can Using AMSOIL Void My New Car Warranty

I just bought a new car, and I’d like to try AMSOIL motor oil. Could using AMSOIL void my new car warranty?

Absolutely not. Whether the motor oil is petroleum based or synthetic will not affect warranty coverage, as long as the oil meets the manufacturer’s requirements (or exceeds the requirements in the case of AMSOIL).

Absolutely not. Vehicle manufacturers recommend using motor oils meeting certain viscosity grades and American Petroleum Institute service requirements. Whether the motor oil is petroleum based or synthetic will not affect warranty coverage. The manufacturer is required to cover all equipment failures it would normally cover as long as the oil meets the requirements and was not the cause of the failure. AMSOIL exceeds these requirements and has never been deemed the cause of an engine’s failure. Even so, AMSOIL has its own limited warranty, protecting you even further. In addition, the federally mandated Magnuson-Moss Act states that a manufacturer may not require the use of a specific brand of aftermarket product unless it’s provided free of charge.

Note: If a car dealership, service center or other business states that using AMSOIL motor oil will void your new car warranty, ask for that statement in writing and send it to AMSOIL Technical Services. If the business won’t provide the statement in writing send AMSOIL Technical Services a letter identifying who made the statement, the name and location of the business and what the specific statement was. AMSOIL will then send a letter to the business informing them that their position is inaccurate and, in fact, violates existing law. Your name will be held in confidence.