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AMSOIL Parts for Bypass Filter Systems

Aluminum Billet Oil Fill and Oil Filter Caps For BMK21 Bypass Filtration System

AMSOIL offers bypass components to ease the installation of the BMK21 bypass Filtration System in three popular diesel engines: the Ford 6.0L Power Stroke™, the Dodge 5.9L Cummins and the General Motors 6.6L Duramax. Engine compartments are becoming increasingly cramped, and these high-tech machined aluminum parts facilitate installation of the BMK21 Single Ea Bypass Filter and mount.

Ford 6.0L Power Stroke™ Diesels
To ease installation of the BMK21 on 2003 and later model Ford pickups equipped with the 6.0L Power Stroke™ diesel engine, AMSOIL provides the Aluminum Billet Oil Filter Cap (BK1101), the Aluminum Billet Oil Fill Cap (BK1102) and the 90-degree JIC Elbow (BP242). These new high-quality billet aluminum caps replace the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filter cap and oil fill cap. The new caps have holes tapped in them that accept the JIC elbows for hose connectors.

Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins Diesels
To ease installation of the BMK21 in 2004 and later model Dodge pickups equipped with the 5.9L Cummins diesel engine, AMSOIL offers the new 1/8″ NPT – 1/4″ JIC fitting (BP241), the Aluminum Billet Oil Fill Cap for Dodge 5.9L Cummins diesels (BK1301) and the 90-degree JIC Elbow (BP242). The BP241 fits onto the existing plug on top of the OEM full-flow filter mount, and the addition of the BK1301 eases the installation of the oil return line.

General Motors 6.6L Duramax
To provide GM Duramax owners the same ease of installing the BMK21, AMSOIL offers an oil filter “Sandwich” adapter (BK1201). The Sandwich adapter is an anodized billet aluminum adapter that screws on to the present full flow oil filter nipple located on the engine block. The full flow filter is then simply spun on to the adapter. The Sandwich adapter has an orifice to provide high-pressure oil feed for the BMK21. Like the other diesel applications, AMSOIL offers an Aluminum Billet Oil Filler Cap for (BK1202) to ease the installation of the oil flow from the BMK21 back to the engine.

To complete an installation, the following components must be purchased separately:

1. Aluminum oil filter Sandwich Adapter with o-ring (BK1201)
2. Aluminum Billet Oil Filler Cap for GM Duramax (BK1202)
3. Two 90 degree JIC Elbows (BP242)
4. Single Remote Bypass system (BMK21)
5. Bypass filter (EaBP90, EaBP100, or EaBP110, as space dictates)

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Aluminum Billet Oil Fill and Oil Filter Caps for Single Bypass Filtration System (BMK21)

Facilitates the Installation of the AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency Ea Single Bypass Filter


Packaging Information
CodePart NumberUnit of MeasureProduct
BK1101-EABK1101EachOil Filter Cap, Aluminum, 6.0/6.4L Powerstroke
BK1102-EABK1102EachOil Fill Cap, Aluminum, 6.0/6.4L Powerstroke
BK1201-EABK1201EachFilter Adapter, Aluminum, Duramax
BK1202-EABK1202EachOil Fill Cap, Aluminum, Duramax
BK13-EABK13EachAssembly, Oil Sample Petcock
BK1303-EABK1303EachOil Fill Cap, Aluminum, Cummins
BK21-EABK21EachElbow, 90 degree, 7/8”-14 JIC to 7/8”-14 JIC
BK22-EABK22EachFitting, 45 degree, 7/8”-14 JIC to 7/8”-14 JIC
BK295-EABK295EachAssembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 3/4″ – 16
BK296-EABK296EachAssembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 13/16″ – 16
BK297-EABK297EachAssembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 18mm – 1.5
BK298-EABK298EachAssembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 20mm – 1.5
BK299-EABK299EachAssembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 22mm – 1.5
BK30-EABK30EachKit, Oil Sample Valve, BMK30
BK300-EABK300EachAssembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 1″ – 16
BK301-EABK301EachAssembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 1.5″ – 16
BK302-EABK302EachAssembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 13/16″ – 16
BK303-EABK303EachFilter Mount Assembly – BMK21
BK305-EABK305EachFilter Mount Assembly – BMK30
BK309-EABK309EachFilter Mount Assembly – BMK23, BMK25, BMK26, BMK27, BMK28
BK310-EABK310EachAssembly, Bypass Spin-on Filter Adapter, 22mm – 1.5
BK393-EABK393EachFilter Mount Assembly – BMK22
BP162-EABP162EachO-ring, 3 1/8″ I.D x 0.138″ thk.
BP190-EABP190EachFitting, 3/8″ NPT to 3/4″-16 JIC
BP191-EABP191EachPlug, Sealing, 3/4″-16
BP194-EABP194EachBracket, Filter Mount Assembly, Top
BP195-EABP195EachBracket, Filter Mount Assembly, Bottom
BP196-EABP196EachGasket, 2.80″ O.D., 2.50″ I.D., 0.20″ Thk.
BP197-EABP197EachGasket, 3.91″ O.D., 3.57″ I.D., 0.351″ Thk.
BP208-EABP208EachFitting, 1/8″ NPT to 7/16″-20 JIC
BP209-EABP209EachFitting, Adapter, 3/4″-16 to 1/4″ NPT
BP220-EABP220EachGasket, 3.45″ O.D., 3.11″ I.D., 0.261″ Thk.
BP225-EABP225EachBracket, Filter Mount Assembly, Stainless, Top
BP226-EABP226EachBracket, Filter Mount Assembly, Stainless, Bottom
BP228-EABP228EachPlug, Sealing, Zinc, 3/4″-16
BP229-EABP229EachFitting, 1/2″ Hose, 3/4″-16 JIC
BP230-EABP230EachHose, USCG, 1/2″ I.D, 8′ Section
BP231-EABP231EachFitting, 90 Degree, 3/4″ -16 to 3/4″-16 JIC
BP232-EABP232EachFitting, Adapter, 3/4″-16 to 1/2″-20 JIC
BP239-EABP239EachBMK18 Installation Instruction
BP241-EABP241EachFitting, Adapter, SS, 1/8″ NPT to 7/16″-20 JIC
BP242-EABP242EachFitting, 90 Degree, 1/8″ NPT to 7/16″-20 JIC
BP250-EABP250EachHose, 13/32″ I.D. – Each quantity ordered is one foot in length, so order total number of feet in quantity.
BP251-EABP251EachHose, 1/4″ I.D. – Each quantity ordered is one foot in length, so order total number of feet in quantity.
BP260-EABP260EachFitting, 13/32″ Hose, 3/4″-16 JIC
BP261-EABP261EachFitting, 1/4″ Hose, 7/16″-20 JIC
BP289-EABP289EachFitting, 7/8-14, 5/8 JIC
BP313-EABP313EachFitting, Adapter, 7/8”-14 to 7/16”-20 JIC
BP33-EABP33EachFitting, Street Tee, 1/8″ NPT
BP331-EABP331EachFitting, 90 degree, 7/8”-14 to 7/8″-14 JIC
BP34-EABP34EachFitting, Tee, 1/4” NPT
BP346-EABP346EachO-ring, 1 3/16″ I.D. x 0.10 Thk.
BP347-EABP347EachO-ring, 1 7/8″ I.D. x 0.10 Thk.
BP360-EABP360EachFitting, 1/2″ Hose, 7/8″-14 JIC
BP38-EABP38EachBushing, Reducer, 1/8” to 1/4” NPT
BP39-EABP39EachPipe Nipple, 1/4” NPT x 2”
BP40-EABP40EachFitting, Self-tapping hollow bolt
BP400-EABP400EachAdapter, Filter, 4.38″ OD
BP400-EABP400EachAdapter, Filter, 4.38″ OD
BP401-EABP401EachThread Adapter, 1 1/2″ – 16
BP402-EABP402EachAdapter, Filter, 3.24″ OD
BP403-EABP403EachThread Adapter, 22mm x 1.5
BP404-EABP404EachThread Adapter, 3/4″ – 16
BP405-EABP405EachThread Adapter, 13/16″ – 16
BP406-EABP406EachThread Adapter, 18mm x 1.5
BP407-EABP407EachThread Adapter, 20mm x 1.5
BP408-EABP408EachThread Adapter, 1″ – 16
BP41-EABP41EachWasher, Sealing, hollow bolt
BP412-EABP412EachAdapter, Filter, 3.00″ OD
BP420-EABP420EachAdapter, Filter, 3.64″ OD
BP431-EABP431EachOrifice Disk (0.094″)
BP44-EABP44EachFitting, Oil sending unit adapter kit, 1/8″ NPT x 28BSP (Japanese cars)
BP45-EABP45EachFitting, Oil sending unit adapter kit, 10mm x 1.0 (European cars)
BP47-EABP47EachValve, Oil Sample Petcock
BP52-EABP52EachFitting, Street Elbow, 1/8” NPT
BP55-EABP55EachO-ring, 11/16″ I.D. x 0.10 Thk.
BP67-EABP67EachAssembly, Petcock Valve with 1/8″ NPT Street Tee Fitting
BP89-EABP89EachAssembly, Filler Cap Return Fitting


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