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People buy AMSOIL from a local dealer, a local retailer, or from the AMSOIL Retail Catalog, and never know they can buy AMSOIL at Dealer Cost, the same price AMSOIL Dealers pay for AMSOIL Products. No Minimum Orders!

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If so, you can become an AMSOIL Preferred Customers for as little as $10 for six months ($15 Canadian), and buy any AMSOIL Productsanytime simply by calling AMSOIL’s Toll-Free Ordering Hotline. Your AMSOIL order will be delivered directly to your door!


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Did your Dealer from whom you were buying AMSOIL move away? Did he or she go out of town? An AMSOIL Preferred Customer simply calls in their order or places their order via the Internet — ANYTIME – ANYWHERE!


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The Dealership Option

Piggy-BankandDo commission checks to further lower the cost of your AMSOIL Products interest you? If so, AMSOIL Dealership may be your choice. AMSOIL Dealers receive monthly commission checks from 2% to 25% based upon volume. For as little as $15 for six months ($22.50 Canadian), you can become an AMSOIL Dealer. AMSOIL Preferred Customers can change their status to Dealer anytime by submitting the Preferred Customer Change of Status Form and paying the small difference of $10 a year – the difference in annual the registration fee between Preferred Customer and Dealership. AMSOIL Dealers can also sell retail, set up retail and commercial accounts, build a sales group, work the catalog business, and sell via the Internet.

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Whether You’re Interested in Simply Purchasing AMSOIL Products at Wholesale Cost or Starting Your Own Independent Business, AMSOIL Has an Opportunity for You!