AMSOIL Heavy Duty Metal Protector MPHD

AMSOIL MPHD Heavy Duty Metal Protector

Provides a Tough Protective Coating Impervious Even to Salt Water


 AMSOIL Heavy Duty Metal Protector

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AMSOIL Heavy Duty Metal Protector (MPHD) is a easy-to-use spray-on synthetic product that protect metal surfaces, displace water and silence squeaks. MPHD lubricates metal surfaces, leaving a dry waxlike film. It does not form gum or sludge.

AMSOIL MPHD is the product of choice for metal surfaces that require a heavy duty lubricant or are exposed to the damaging effects of salt, moisture or chemical corrosion. It is ideal for hinges, wire ropes and springs, nuts and bolts, motorcycle or bicycle chains, and for undercoating wheelwells and other metal surfaces exposed to water, dirt or road salt.

Performance Features

  • Prevents rust & corrosion, even in salt water
  • Protects against rust & corrosion, even in salt water
  • Displaces water
  • Stops squeaks
  • Lubricates metal surfaces
  • Leaves a dry, long-lasting, waxlike film
  • Lubricant does not attract dust
  • Does not sling off
  • Sprays into hard-to-reach places
  • Ideal for chains & other heavy-use items

Spray product on area to be treated. For best results, do not wipe off. Film carrier will evaporate, leaving MPHD on treated surface.

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